Georgette's suggestions


Salad of artichokes and Italian's mushroom 11,90 €
Ceviche of pickled an smocked mackerel, guacamole 13,90 €
Raviolo of octupus 16,90 €
Fish stock, tonka beans, flying fish roe, fried herbs

Pot-au-feu oxtail and chartreuse green cabbage with foie gras

19,90 €

Main courses

Curry pork tongue 17,90 €
 Mango risotto with 4 spices and majoram
Rosé veal medaillon 24,90
Crazy lobster salad, sweet potato chips and ramonache
Net of Saint-Pierre encased in bacon of Colonata 23,90 €
Young vegetables caramelized and spum of mouclade
Lasagna of lobster 21,90 €
 Crystallized peppers, mashed carots with cumin