You said Georgette ?


Café Georgette is a melting pot of ideas and history, seasoned with a large pinch of that savoir-vivre which is so characteristic of Belgians – and in particular Brusselers –, which so many people around the world envy us...

Through the years, Rue de la Fourche nos. 37 and 39 were home to successively a bookstore, a hotel, a pizzeria and other “institutions” such as the famous Pot Carré, landmark of café waiters and waitresses who, after their working hours, used to meet and try to solve the world’s problems until the wee hours...

Manners and styles were blending in – again, one of those Brussels’ specialties which Brusselers are still keen on!

Today, Café Georgette wants to recapture its Brusselsitude - understand its Brussels’ identity - and welcome both Belgians, be they natives of Flanders, Wallonia or Brussels, and foreigners willing to steep themselves in the everlasting savoir-vivre of Belgium’s capital city.

Some specialties of the house sometimes flash an international flare that causes our guests to experience what Belgians do best: FRIES!

Café Georgette is neither a chip house, nor a restaurant, nor a café … it’s A MIXTURE OF ALL THESE!

"As André from the Rue des Bouchers once said, “Café Georgette is what Brusselers call a brol where you can meet peïen and meïen of all kinds: dikkenekken, stoeffers , babelleirs, zuuresmoulen, pottepeïen, sales ketten, curieuse neuzen, zottekutten, jolies pouskes and above all ZWANZEURS!”"
Dixit André de la rue des Bouchers...

René Magritte, THE Belgian surrealist artist, who knew how to enjoy life, was one of those “zwanzeurs”, just as was his wife… GEORGETTE!

"Tenê, tenê, tenê! "

Café Georgette’s founder: Georgette Magritte,
Café Georgette, Brussels’ soul and spirit,
Café Georgette, the crossroad of great food and “frititude”,
Café Georgette, the ideal venue for all-occasion celebrations,
Café Georgette, the right place for a pintje,
Café Georgette, symbol of truth and simplicity…

" Alleï! Tot straks hein Tichke! "